Havanese Dog Pictures and Information

The Havanese is a breed of dog which comes from the family Bichons. It originated in Cuba and was a favorite pet of the Cuban aristocratic class during the 19th century.



It is an extremely small dog and falls under the “toy” group of dogs. They have dark eyes and a very elaborate coat. While some coats will have a wavy texture, others will be curly. While the Havanese will commonly feature white coats, they may also be gold, black, blue, or silver in color. North American dog shows do not place an emphasis on color when it comes to the Havanese. Despite this, some countries in Europe do not accept a Havanese which is black.

Havanese Dog


The Havanese are excellent family dogs. They work well with children, and they respond quickly to their owners. They are known for becoming attached to those that care for them. These dogs will get along with your other pets, and this includes cats. They are intelligent and can be trained easily. The Havanese is very sensitive to sound. If you speak to it in a rough manner, it will become unhappy. Because of the way they were bred, these dogs don’t bark a lot. These dogs are also shy around strangers, but also make good watchdogs. Despite their size, they show little fear.

Health Problems

The Havanese is a very healthy breed which can live as long as 15 years. However, this breed is not free of ailments. They can develop cataracts, dry skin, and PRA.


The Havanese doesn’t need extensive amounts of exercise. You will want to take it for a walk regularly, but this doesn’t have to be each day. It is not necessary for these dogs to have yards. Because of their size, they are perfect for your house or apartment. In fact, these dogs were bred to live indoors.

Special Grooming Needs

The Havanese has a coat which requires extensive care. It may need to be cut, and those who let it grow will want to brush it on a daily basis. Creams have been developed which can help stop the hair from becoming split. Excess hair will grow on the feet, and this should be trimmed. It is also very important to make sure the ears are constantly clean. These dogs are susceptible to getting ear infections. The Havanese will also need to have their teeth brushed each week. This breed of dog requires a large amount of care.