English Toy Terrier Pictures and Information

The English Toy Terrier is a small dog that exists within the toy group of dogs. The ears of these dogs should resemble candle flames, and they should have short coats with a smooth texture.



The English Toy Terrier has a body shape that resembles that of the Doberman Pinscher. The acceptable coat colors for this breed are black and tan, and the body should be elegant and muscular. The eyes of the English Terrier should be almond-shaped with a dark color. When the dog is active, the tail should be carried high.

The English Toy Terrier is often confused with the Manchester Terrier as they are virtually identical, although they are listed as separate breeds by The Kennel Club (UK).

 English Toy Terrier


The English Toy Terrier has a temperament that is similar to other Terrier breeds. It has a strong amount of loyalty to those that care for it, and it has large amounts of energy. Even though the English Toy Terrier is a small breed, they have loud voices which make them excellent watchdogs. This dog is easy to train and will make great companions for the family. Like many Terrier breeds, these dogs may not get along with other dogs, and they should be monitored around small pets that are not canines. These dogs have a strong instinct to hunt and may kill small animals.

Health Problems

This is a breed that is generally very healthy. Because of their prominent eyes, owners may want to watch for eye disorders such as entropion. Other than that, the English Toy Terrier is a healthy dog and will have a maximum life expectancy of about 15 years.


These dogs are excellent for those who live in apartments, and their small size may allow them to exercise inside the home. Despite this, owners will want to take their English Toy Terriers for walks whenever they can. This dog should not be unleashed in public, as it may get into fights with other dogs or chase small animals. It has a large amount of energy and is an excellent breed for active people who love to hike or jog.

Special Grooming Needs

The English Toy Terrier has a short, smooth coat that does not need extensive amounts of grooming. Owners will want to brush the coat every so often, and wiping it with a chamois should allow it to display a beautiful shine. The shedding patterns of these dogs are not known, and they should only be given a bath when they need it.