Canary Dog Pictures and Information

The Canary Dog, also known as the Perro de Presa Canario, is a large dog breed that originates on the Canary Islands.


Canary Dog Description

These dogs have been used for a wide variety of different tasks, and some of these are for farming and guarding property. The Canary Dog has a look that can be described as being formidable. They have bodies that are exceptionally muscular, and they will also have a heavy build. The head of these dogs should be wide and heavy. The ears will generally be cropped to either enhance the appearance of the dog or protect it when it is tending to cattle. These dogs should have a maximum weight of 140 pounds, and they should stand at a maximum height of 26 inches.

A wide number of colors are acceptable for this breed, but the most popular are red fawn, silver fawn, gold fawn, and brindle.

Canary Dog

Also Known As

  1. Dogo Canario
  2. Perro de Presa Carario
  3. Presa Canario

Country of Origin



Despite their size and appearance, the Canary Dog is a calm breed. While it is loving around those that care for it, these dogs are wary around strangers. This breed can be protective and will build a strong connection to their owners and families. The Canary Dog is exceptionally intelligent. It should be noted that the Canary Dog can be dangerous to strangers. However, those that own this dog will be confident in knowing that this breed will stop most intruders dead in their tracks. It is important to make sure they are properly socialized while they are puppies.

Health Problems

Maintaining the proper size of these dogs is very important. If these dogs weigh too much, they may develop hip dysplasia. In addition to this, epilepsy, canine herpes virus, and cryptorchidism can also be a problem in this breed. This breed will have a maximum life expectancy of 12 years.


The Canary Dog needs extensive amounts of exercise, and owners will want to reserve time for this purpose. These dogs are excellent companions for those who enjoy hiking in the woods, and owners will want to take them on walks regularly. However, these dogs should never be taken in public by someone who is not experienced with handling them, and they should never be unleashed around people or other dogs. The results of this can be disastrous. Reports have been made of this dog killing or seriously injuring others.

Special Grooming Needs

These dogs have short, smooth coats that do not require excessive amounts of grooming. Owners will simply want to make sure the coat is brushed and wiped with a towel or chamois. These dogs do not shed large amounts of fur.