English Toy Spaniel Pictures and Information

The English Toy Spaniel is a small breed that has a square shape. It has prominent nostrils with a nose that is black in color.


English Toy Spaniel Description

The skull has the shape of a dome, and the teeth should be a bit undershot. The eyes of the English Toy Spaniel are circular in shape, and they have a dark color which conveys a kind expression. The ears are long and shaped like pendants.

There are four colors that are acceptable for these dogs, and these are black tan, red, white red, and black white. The tail should always be docked. While it is likely this dog originated in Asia, the modern form of this dog originated in England. It has been one of the favorite breeds of English royalty. A number of changes were made in the breed during the 19th century.

English Toy Spaniel

Also Known As

King Charles Spaniel


The English Toy Spaniel is a breed that is affectionate and playful. It has a tendency to be timid, and owners will want to make sure it is socialized while it is young. While the English Toy Spaniel is highly intelligent, it can be stubborn. They get along well with other dogs and enjoy being around children as well. This breed is a reasonable barker and makes a decent watchdog. For the most part, these dogs are kept as companions and may be selective in the foods they choose to eat.

Health Problems

English Toy Spaniels are known for developing heart problems, and some of them may have respiratory issues as well. It is important for owners to make sure their ears are kept clean so that they don’t get ear infections. Owners must be careful about exercising these dogs in warm weather, as they can begin developing breathing problems. The maximum life expectancy of the English Toy Spaniel is 12 years.


Unlike many dog breeds, the English Toy Spaniel does not need large amounts of exercise. In most cases, it is inactive while inside the home. Because of their size, these dogs were designed to be kept inside the home, and owners will want to protect them from extreme weather conditions. It is not necessary for these dogs to be placed in a yard.

Special Grooming Needs

The English Toy Spaniel will shed a standard amount of fur. Their coats do not need extensive amounts of maintenance, and owners will simply want to make sure they’re brushed on a regular basis.