Canadian Eskimo Dog Pictures and Information

The Canadian Eskimo Dog, or “Quimmiq”, first arrived in 1100-1200 AD when the Thule Inuit migrated to Canada’s Arctic Region.


Canadian Eskimo Dog Description

They are a large breed of arctic dogs. They have an athletic build and an imposing appearance. The Canadian Eskimo has a thick coat and can be almost any color, except brindle. White with slightly darker colored patches is the most common color coat. The breed is built for hard work. They were used for transportation, hauling, sledding, packing, and hunting. The breed was able to survive the harshest of terrains and was considered a vital part of the everyday survival of the Inuit people and their families.

With the invention of the snowmobile, which proved to be a faster and more efficient means of transportation, the Canadian Eskimo Dog dwindled in population. By the 1970s the breed was on the verge of extinction. Despite the efforts of the Canadian Eskimo Dog Kennel Club and others, the breed is still in danger. A breed that was once a must for survival is now considered a very rare breed. There are only 279 registered Canadian Eskimo Dogs. The breed now is most commonly used as a companion dog. Breed enthusiasts continue to use the dogs in sled races.

Canadian Eskimo

Also Known As

Canadian Inuit Dog


The Canadian Eskimo Dog is considered a very loyal breed who tends to bond with its owner deeply. They are an affectionate breed. The breed is also very intelligent and alert. In a household with children a Canadian Eskimo Dog can easily become over-excited, and is not recommended.

Health Problems

The most common health problem for the Canadian Eskimo Dog is heat stroke. The breed does not adjust well to warm climates. Also, warm climates often equal many different forms of allergens that can affect a Canadian Eskimo Dog’s health. As with any large breed of dog, hip dysplasia can be quite common.


Canadian Eskimo Dogs require a good deal of exercise. Simple walking will not suffice. They are a highly energetic breed that needs heavy amounts of physical activity. They are easily trained and submissive which makes them well suited for many dog sports. These sports can offer the proper amount of exercise the breed requires.

Special Grooming

A Canadian Eskimo Dog’s coat is fairly easy to care for. Light brushing is recommended once a week during non-shedding months. During shedding months, a Canadian Eskimo Dog needs to be brushed once a day.