Hanover Hound Pictures and Information

The Hanover Hound is a dog breed that is skilled at hunting. While it was commonly used in the Middle Ages, it is a rare breed today.


Hanover Hound Description

The Hanover Hound has a distinctive coat that is short, smooth, and shiny. This gives it a look that many people find to be impressive. The acceptable coat colors for this breed are fawn or red. A mask may also be present as well. These dogs should have a muscular build with powerful chests. The jaws of the Hanover Hound should be powerful, and they should have a maximum weight of 99 pounds. The maximum height for this breed should be approximately 21 inches.

Hanover Hound

Also Known As

  • Hanoverian Hound
  • Hanoverian Scenthound
  • Hannover’scher Schweisshund

Country of Origin



These dogs were bred to have a strong work ethic. They will display large amounts of love and loyalty to those that give them care, and they also have extensive amounts of determination. Like any good work dog, the Hanover Hound is persistent. They are also independent when they move about in the field. They are not good for families who do not give them things to do. This is not a lazy breed that wants to lie around, and it should only be purchased by owners who have the same characteristics.

Health Problems

The Hanover Hound is a healthy dog that does not suffer from a host of genetic problems. Because of its size, hip dysplasia may be an issue, but no other specific health problems should develop. The Hanover Hound has a maximum life expectancy of 14 years.


The Hanover Hound is a work dog that must be given work to do. If it is not, it may become problematic for its owners. It is the ideal dog for hunters or people who are physically active. It should be taken for long walks on a daily basis, and it is an excellent dog for people who enjoy hiking of jogging. These dogs are not good for people who live in small homes or apartments, and it will need to have a large yard. These dogs are ideal for people who live in rural areas as opposed to urban centers.

Special Grooming Needs

The Hanover Hound has a short coat that does not need extensive amounts of care. It was bred to work, and the breeders were not concerned with looks. Overall, the Hanover Hound has a practical appearance. Owners will want to use a firm brush every so often, and wiping the coat with either a chamois or towel will produce an impressive shine.