Hamiltonstovare Pictures and Information

The Hamiltonstovare is a dog breed that originates in Sweden, and it is very popular there. It was first bred in 1889 by Adolf Hamilton, and it was named after him.


Hamiltonstovare Description

The Hamiltonstovare is a powerful dog breed that has large amounts of endurance. It is a descendant of the Harrier and English Foxhound. It was specifically bred for the task of hunting foxes and rabbits, and it is able to move quickly through snow and another rough terrain. While it is a hunting breed, the Hamiltonstovare was not bred to hunt in packs, and will usually hunt in solitude.


Also Known As

  • Hamilton Hound
  • Swedish Foxhound


The Hamiltonstovare is well known for having a calm temperament. While it is an excellent dog for families, it has a strong drive to hunt. Because of this, it will want to engage in physically demanding activities on a regular basis. The Hamiltonstovare is well behaved with other dogs, and should never display aggressive tendencies. Despite this, owners will want to keep them away from pets that are not canines, because they may attempt to kill them. This dog will work best for any owner who is active. They enjoy being around people and make great companions.

Health Problems

There are no health problems that are specific to this breed. The Hamiltonstovare is generally healthy and will have an average life expectancy of about 14 years.


The Hamiltonstovare needs excessive amounts of exercise. In fact, the exercise needs for this dog are so great that it should not be purchased by owners who are inactive or who do not have the time to exercise it. These dogs will need to be taken for long walks daily. They may not live well in apartments and should be given a large amount of space that will allow them to run around. These dogs enjoy running and playing with those they care for. These dogs should not be left alone for extended periods of time, as they can become problematic. Because these dogs are strong, owners will want to lead train them while they are puppies. If they pick up a strong scent, the Hamiltonstovare may runoff, and you will find it hard to catch them.

Special Grooming Needs

When it comes to grooming, the Hamiltonstovare is a breed that does not require large amounts of maintenance. Owners will want to simply make sure the coat is brushed or combed on a consistent basis, and they should only be given a bath when they need it.