English Shepherd Pictures and Information

The English Shepherd is a medium-sized dog that has an extensive coat. Their ears should be covered by fur, while the fur on their faces should be short and smooth.


English Shepherd Description

These dogs have compact bodies, and their eyes are moderate in size. The acceptable coat colors for this breed are black, white, brown, or light gray. The English Shepherd has a bushy tail, and their heads will feature a circular shape when they are viewed from the front.

The English shepherd should stand at a maximum height of 23 inches, and they should weigh no more than 60 pounds. The English Shepherd is an old breed that has existed for thousands of years on the British Isles. These dogs were used to tend to herds.

English Shepherd

Also Known As

Farm Collie


The English Shepherd is an energetic breed that is known for its bravery and agility. These dogs will quickly obey the commands that are given to them by their owners, and they will display a strong work ethic. The English Shepherd makes an excellent watchdog, and they will quickly alert their owners of a potential intruder. In addition to this, the English Shepherd has been used for hunting and watching cattle. The popularity of the English Shepherd has continued to increase. They are good with children, and they will also behave well with other dogs. These dogs will be suspicious of strangers.

Health Problems

Some disorders which are common with English Shepherds include elbow displasia. Hip dysplasia may also be a problem as well. Other than this, the English Shepherd is a healthy breed. While the exact life expectancy of these dogs isn’t known, they may not live longer than 13 years.


As these dogs were bred to hunt, owners will want to give them large amounts of exercise. The English Shepherd is highly energetic, and it will need an avenue to utilize this energy. Owners will want to take them for long walks, and they should be allowed to run free within a safe area. While they may be able to live indoors, owners will at least want to have a small yard for them.

Special Grooming Needs

The English Shepherd has an extensive coat that will need to be groomed on a regular basis. Owners will want to use a strong brush or comb, and these dogs should only be bathed when they need it. The shedding patterns of the English Shepherd are not known.