Cajun Squirrel Dog Pictures and Information

The Cajun Squirrel Dog is a small to medium-sized dog breed. They are very stocky in the build, but rarely flabby.


Cajun Squirrel Dog Description

They mostly resemble a Labrador Retriever, only on a smaller scale, but are very strong dogs for their smaller size. They have dark brown or black eyes with red or pink outlines. Their noses are usually brown but can also be black. Their ears are somewhat long and fold over at the ends. They have coats that are medium in length with the most common color of coat for this breed being yellow. Other colors of coats commonly found are red and brindle along with some combinations of these colors.

A man named Calvin Boutte was credited with the formation of this breed. He was nicknamed “The Cajun”, which is where the breed gets its name. The breed was used for squirrel hunting along with other smaller games and is generally used for this purpose.

Cajun Squirrel Dog


Cajun Squirrel Dogs have a very well-rounded temperament. They are almost never aggressive as they are an extremely friendly breed of dog. They are loyal and very alert. This breed of dog is well suited for households with children of all ages due to their personalities and the fact that they are very loyal and loving to their owners. They usually get along with other canines but are not recommended for households with cats or other small pets since they were bred for hunting these types of smaller animals.

Health Problems

There are no known health problems that directly affect this breed. However, Cajun Squirrel Dogs have a very keen sense of smell, so when they contract a common cold it can cause their sinuses to back up. When this happens, they may not show any interest in food or play, so it is imperative that they get treatment before the problem turns into an infection.


Cajun Squirrel Dogs are a very active breed. They are not well-suited for apartment living since they require a great deal of exercise. Long walks on a leash with their owners will not meet fulfill their exercise needs. A large yard with plenty of room to run free is recommended due to their personalities and their ability to hunt and track.

Special Grooming Needs

Cajun Squirrel Dogs do not require a great amount of special care in the form of grooming. Occasional brushing during shedding months is recommended to aide in the removal of the undercoat. Cajun Squirrel Dogs are likely to roll in the dirt and if they do so it is necessary to bathe them afterward.