Halden Hound Pictures and Information

The Halden Hound is a native dog of Norway, and is said to be a cross between English, German, and local hounds that were used to track scents for hunting.


Halden Hound Description

Due to their breeding, they are one of the best-hunting dogs since they can run for long periods of time chasing games without giving up. Although they are not a common dog anywhere in their native Norway, they are prevalent throughout that country. A Halden Hound is a medium-sized dog with a finely chiseled face and body. Made to run, these dogs have very powerful legs and muscles and have been known to chase their prey for miles at a time. They are very affectionate towards people and make great pets for any type of owner, even with smaller children. The Halden Hound has a short, coarse coat, and does not shed much. They usually are white with black, brown, or tan spots, but their colors can vary from litter to litter.

Halden Hound


The Halden Hound is great around people and children. They are very loving and loyal dogs and make wonderful pets. Children should be taught to not hang on the dog. There is a chance that the animal will turn aggressive if it becomes hurt in anyway. Children are fine around this breed as long as they are respectful. Small animals, like gerbils, should be kept away. This animal was bred for hunting and will attack small animals as part of its natural instinct.

Health Problems

There are no known health problems that plague this breed.


Since these dogs were bred for hunting and chasing prey, it is not recommended that they live in a confined space, such as an apartment. They need lots of exercise and plenty of room to run or they become very restless. Exercising should be on a regular basis, twice a day is optimal. Chasing a stick or ball will help to curb the hunting instinct a bit. Try to avoid being in an area with other dogs during exercising as fights can ensue if more than one goes after the same item.

Special Grooming Needs

While the Halden Hound does require regular brushing, there are no other special needs when it comes to grooming them. Bathing should be regular as the coat needs to be kept in top order. Shedding is minimal and can be helped with regular trips to the grooming salon for a steam treatment.