English Setter Pictures and Information

The English Setter is a dog breed that originated in the United Kingdom. It is a variation of the Setter family.


English Setter Description

 It was bred to be a gun dog, and this means that it has a combination of high stamina and strength. The English Setter will feature a coat that is long. A number of English Setters will have coats that are speckled with a number of different colors or patterns. The ideal color combinations are black and white, but orange is also acceptable.

The male will stand at a maximum of 27 inches and should weigh no more than 80 pounds. Females should be no taller than 26 inches and should weigh a maximum of 70 pounds.

English Setter

Also Known As

Llewellin (or Llewellyn) Setter


While English Setters are friendly, they can also be stubborn and naughty. They have a lot of energy and work well with people. Because of this, they are family dogs. They can also be used for work, and are great companions for hunters. Because of their large amount of stamina, they need to exercise on a regular basis. These dogs like to dig holes, and are excellent at jumping. Owners will need to keep these dogs in a yard which is surrounded by a fence.

Health Problems

English Setters are a healthy breed of dogs. They don’t have a large number of health problems. They may sometimes develop hip dysplasia or hypothyroidism. The only of condition which is specific to this breed is elbow dysplasia. Owners should be cautious when feeding their English Setters. These dogs can easily gain weight. Females may also have problems during pregnancy. An English Setter which is properly cared for should live as long as 12 years.


Because English Setters are energetic, they need extensive amounts of exercise. They were originally bred to handle birds. One good way to exercise an English Setter is to let them run freely in a safe location. They are hard to manage if they don’t exercise consistently. This is not a good dog for people who are living in apartments. It needs plenty of room to run and be active.

Special Grooming Needs

English Setters have long coats which require extensive amounts of care. Their coats will need to be brushed daily, and owners will want to watch for tangles in their fur. The owner will need to spend a lot of time caring for the coat when these dogs begin shedding. The coat may also need to be trimmed.