Hairless Khala Pictures and Information

The Hairless Khala is a medium-sized breed of dog. They stand between 14 and 20 inches and weigh between 15 and 30 pounds.


Hairless Khala Description

There are two types of Hairless Khala, the Khala Medio and the Khala Grande. The Khala Grand is slightly taller than the Hairless Medio. Both types of Hairless Khalas are strong, athletic, and agile. Their coats are practically non-existent hence the term “hairless”. Their skin is very soft and smooth. The most common color for their “coats” is dark gray but they can be found in almost any color imaginable. Their noses are long and slightly rounded at the end. Their eyes are small and wide-set, usually black or brown in color. The Hairless Khala has an origin that has proven difficult to trace. Many countries are trying to trace down the exact place of creation and other facts. What is known is that they are a popular breed in almost all Latin Countries. They are practically unknown in Europe and the United States. It is difficult to have these dogs imported but it can be done.

Hairless Khala


The Hairless Khala is love and docile but only with those they are comfortable around. They do not trust strangers and can be quite unfriendly with them. They do very well with other dogs; in fact, they often prefer to be around other dogs rather than people. They are not dominant but are also not submissive. They do well with children, though are not recommended for younger children. This breed is still quite primitive and requires owners with a good knowledge of the breed.

Health Problems

Hairless Khalas is a naturally healthy breed. Adult dentition is very common, as with all hairless breeds. They do not have a coat to protect them from scratches or from colder weather.


Hairless Khalas require a good bit of exercise. They are not recommended for households without large yards. They have random and short spurts of energy. After these spurts, it is common for them to sleep for hours. They can not be left outdoors in cold weather or in extreme heat. Their skin will sunburn in the heat and they will freeze in the cold.

Special Grooming Needs

Hairless Khalas do not require a good deal of grooming. They do need the occasional bath to keep their skin healthy and clean. Their nails do grow longer than most breeds and should be trimmed often.