Bulldog Pictures and Information

The Bulldog is a breed that is short in height but is wide and sturdy. The head is large and dense, and the body is muscular.


Bulldog Description

The head should be wide, and the skin on the forehead should fold. The muzzle of the Bulldog should be short, and the nose should be wide with sizeable nostrils. The eyes are circular and dark in color. The ears should be folded backward and will have the shape of a rose. The Bulldog has a short tail that should never be carried high.

The colors which are acceptable for the coat include fawn, red, brindle, yellow, or white. A mixture of these colors is acceptable as well. The coat color black is a fault with the Bulldog.


Also Known As

  • British Bulldog
  • English Bulldog


While the Bulldog may have an appearance that is fierce, it has a peaceful disposition. At the same time, it will fight off any intruders that enter its territory. The Bulldog is a breed which has the perfect balance. While it is an exceptional guard dog, it is excellent for children. These dogs love the attention they receive from humans. One problem seen in this breed is that they can be dominant. It is important for owners to demonstrate leadership qualities if they wish to own this dog. When the Bulldog knows the role it plays within the pack, it will behave well.

Health Problems

Bulldogs are prone to having breathing problems, and they may also have problems with their eyes. A bulldog should never be given too much exercise, especially in warm weather. They can have a heat stroke easily. In addition to this, they don’t like the weather that is extremely cold. The Bulldog also has a dog odor that some people may not like. Because of these problems, the Bulldog has a maximum life expectancy of 8 years.


Bulldogs are a breed that needs varying amounts of exercise. While some of them will be lazy, others will be more active. Bulldogs will at least need to be given moderate amounts of exercise. These dogs are excellent for apartment dwellers and don’t need to live in yards.

Special Grooming Needs

The Bulldog has a low maintenance coat. Owners will want to brush or comb it consistently, and the dog should only be bathed when it is needed. A damp cloth should be used to clean the face of these dogs. The Bulldog only sheds a standard amount of fur.