East European Shepherd Pictures and Information

The East European Shepherd is a medium-sized breed of dog. They stand between 26 to 30 inches in height. Their weight varies depending on height.


East European Shepherd Description

The breed is a strong one, whose bones are well developed. They closely resemble a German Shepherd. They have very high set ears, which always stand erect. They have wide chests. Their coats are of medium length. Their coats are most commonly black and brown. Coat colors can also be black and red, or gray and red. They are never solid colored. East European Shepherds were created in the 1930s.

They were used to assist the Army in various tasks. They were specially bred to be able to withstand cold temperatures. The breed was created from German Shepherds, which is evident, and other local Northern breeds.

East European Shepherd

Also Known As

Owczarek Wschodnioeuropejski
Vostochnoevropejskaya ovcharka


The temperament of an East European Shepherd is very similar to the German Shepherds. They are a loyal dog breed, but only loyal to those they are very familiar with. They are distrustful of strangers and will attack if they feel they are threatened or their owners are in danger. They are not a dog that is content lying around the house. They must have a job to do. They are a confident breed and a balanced one. They can be quite aggressive towards other dogs if they feel threatened by them. Males should never be around other male dogs. They are not aggressive towards children; in fact, they often form close bonds with children and will protect them at all costs.

Health Problems

There is no known health problems directly associated with the East European Shepherd breed. They can become afflicted with hip dysplasia and some have been known to have skin allergies.


East European Shepherd dogs do best when they live both indoors and outdoors. They are not a particularly playful breed. They are happiest when given a task to complete. Long walks are the best form of exercise for an Eastern European Shepherd that is not being used for work. They love cold weather; their long coats protect them from cold temperatures, so it is okay to allow them to stay outside in the cold. They do prefer being indoors in hot weather.

Special Grooming Needs

East European Shepherds are heavy shedders; because of this, they require a good deal of grooming. Weekly bathing and daily brushing are recommended. This breed usually sheds constantly, rather than seasonally. During the summer, the shedding is almost uncontrollable and it may be necessary to have them professional groomed during this time.