Australian Terrier Pictures and Information

The Australian Terrier is one of the smallest breeds in the Terrier family. These dogs have short legs and a long head, and the ears should stand up and are shaped like the letter “V.”


Australian Terrier Description

Their eyes should be shiny and dark, and their teeth should form a scissors bite. The Australian Terrier should have a body length that is longer than its height. Even though these dogs are small, they have well-defined chests that are broad and deep. It has small feet which are designed to support its small frame, and their tails should be docked. The Australian Terrier has a rough coat that should be three inches long, and it will be red, sandy, or blue in color.

The Australian Terrier was first bred in Australia and is a small working dog. It was first showcased in 1868 in the city of Melbourne, and it is composed of a number of different Terrier breeds. Some of these breeds are the Norwich Terrier, Irish Terrier, and the Yorkshire Terrier. These dogs are proficient in killing snakes and other rodents.

Australian Terrier


The Australian Terrier is a compact breed that has courage which is rare for a dog of its size. It is loyal to those that care for it, and it has extensive amounts of energy. These dogs are loving to their owners, and are extremely intelligent. Even though these dogs are small, they can be protective. Because of this, the Australian Terrier makes an excellent watchdog. This is a breed that will work hard to please their masters, and they are easy to train. They are good with other pets and will behave with children who are mature.

Health Problems

This is a breed that is quite healthy. They have long lifespans and are not prone to developing any disorders which are specific to the breed. The Australian Terrier has a maximum life expectancy of 15 years.


The Australian Terrier has large amounts of energy, and owners will want to make sure it gets excessive amounts of exercise. These dogs are joyful when they are able to run free in an open area, but owners will want to make sure the area is secure. Because of their size, these dogs are excellent for people who live in apartments.

Special Grooming Needs

These dogs have shaggy coats that are simple to maintain. Owners won’t have to worry about cutting them, and they will need to be brushed three times per week. It is best to be gentle when grooming these dogs, as their coats have oils that allow them to shine.