Brittany Spaniel Pictures and Information

The Brittany Spaniel is a dog that is moderate in size, and it features a single coat. They have faces that convey a look of intelligence, and they can be very energetic.


Brittany Spaniel Description

The eyes should either be hazel or amber in color, and this will be dependent on the coat of the dog. The skull should have a circular shape, and the muzzle should be straight with a prominent stop. Like the eyes, the color of the nose is also dependent on the coat. The ears are small with the shape of a triangle, and they should hang to the sides of the head. The tail will usually be short, and it may be docked as well. There are four coat colors that will be accepted by most countries for this breed, and these are orange, white, liver, black, and a tri-color combination of these colors. Some organizations consider black to be a fault.

Based on the name, it is likely that this dog originated in Brittany, France. This breed was first showcased in the country in 1896. It was bred to hunt, and it is proficient in killing birds.

Brittany Spaniel

Also Known As

  • American Brittany
  • Brittany
  • Epagneul Breton


The Brittany Spaniel is a dog which is an excellent hunter. It is intelligent, and can be handled easily. This is a good dog for beginners. It is quick to obey the commands of its master, and it highly alert. The Brittany Spaniel is an independent breed that will need to be socialized while it is a puppy. These dogs enjoy moving around in wide open areas, and will get along with children they are familiar with. This breed can adapt to a wide variety of different climates and environments.

Health Problems

These dogs are fairly healthy but may suffer from seizures or hip dysplasia. They will have a maximum life expectancy of 12 years.


The Brittany Spaniel is a breed that loves to be active. Owners will want to give them large amounts of exercise, and they should be allowed to run free in wide-open areas that are secure. These dogs are perfect for someone who enjoys the outdoors. This is not a good breed for those that live in apartments.

Special Grooming Needs

Owners will want to make sure they consistently brush the coats of these dogs. The Brittany Spaniel has a flat coat that is fairly easy to maintain. They should only be given baths when it is needed. If owners plan on taking these dogs to shows, they will need excessive amounts of grooming.