Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Pictures and Information

The Greater Swiss Mountain Dog is a massive breed that has a strong build. The front legs are muscular and straight, and the feet should be circular.


Greater Swiss Mountain Description

The chest is wide and well developed, and the head is sizeable. Both the skull and muzzle on these dogs should have an identical length. The teeth of the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog should form a scissors bite. The only two colors which are acceptable for the eyes are hazel or chestnut. The ears should be moderate in size, and they should be shaped like pendants. The coat of these dogs should feature three colors, and these are white, black, and rust. The background color on the coat should always be black.

As the name suggests, these dogs originate from Switzerland. They are natives of the Swiss Alps and are one of the oldest breeds in the region. It is believed by many experts that the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog is a breed that is related to ancient Roman Mastiffs.

Greater Swiss Mountain

Also Known As

  • Großer Schweizer Sennenhund
  • Large Swiss Mountain Dog


While the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog is alert and protective, it should never be aggressive. It is a playful breed that enjoys being around children. While these dogs may be wary of strangers, they will accept them if their owners indicate that it is ok. This breed makes excellent watchdogs. They are quick to bark at suspicious noises or movements. These dogs are sociable and must be included as a part of the family. While these dogs can behave well with other pets, they may chase after them because of their instincts. Owners must train them not to do this.

Health Problems

Bloat is a disorder that is commonly seen with the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog. In addition to this, their size makes them prone to developing hip dysplasia. They may suffer from eye issues, and owners will want to watch eyelashes that grown near the eyelids. The Greater Swiss Mountain Dog has a maximum life expectancy of 11 years.


These dogs do not need excessive amounts of exercise. Only medium levels of exercise are needed. These dogs can live in apartments if they are given the necessary amount of exercise, and they can function well in yards. They enjoy living in cool environments.

Special Grooming Needs

This is a breed that is easy to groom. Owners will simply want to brush the coat whenever it is needed. These dogs will shed a standard amount of fur.