Briard Dog Pictures and Information

The Briard is a large dog that has a well-defined body. They have coats that are long and coarse, and the acceptable coat colors for this breed are tawny, black, or gray.


Briard Dog Description

These dogs will have a rough beard, and they should also feature a mustache and prominent eyebrows. While the ears can be cropped, this is not mandatory. The Briard should have a square-shaped muzzle, and the nose should be black in color. The tail of the Briard should be long and bushy.

Dewclaws must also be present on the hind feet. In addition to this, these dogs are known for having an impressive gait.

Briard Dog

Also Known As

Berger de Brie


The Briard is a dog that was bred to work. They are natural herders and are known for their ability to hear. While these dogs will display a loving disposition, they can be protective. This breed makes an excellent watchdog. While they are known for being obedient, they can also be independent, a trait that is common in work dogs. The Briard is known for its reliability. They are exceptionally intelligent, and can easily be trained by their masters. However, these dogs should only be purchased by those who have natural leadership abilities. If these dogs are not raised properly, they can be difficult to handle.

Health Problems

While the Briard is healthy overall, some may be susceptible to developing hip dysplasia, PRA, or bloat. They are also known for getting stomach disorders which can become dangerous. The Briard has a maximum life expectancy of 12 years.


These dogs can become problematic if they are not given sufficient amounts of exercise. They are often purchased by owners who do not have time to give them the exercise they need, and this will cause them problems. These dogs love to run and swim and are great for owners who like to jog. While they can live in an apartment, owners will want to make sure they are exercised frequently. These dogs do not function well in kennels, and they will function best in a medium-sized yard.

Special Grooming Needs

These dogs have coats that can be likened to that of a goat. Much of the dirt that gets on it will not stick, and when owners groom it properly, it will not shed a large amount of fur. It is important for owners to be able to reserve two hours per week for grooming this dog. Any mats which appear must be removed.