Argentine Dogo Pictures and Information

The Argentine Dogo is a powerful guard dog that originates in Argentina. It has a distinctive coat that should feature a solid white color.


Argentine Dogo Description

It was bred for the purpose of hunting large animals. The coat of these dogs is very short, showcasing their muscular bodies. The length of the body should be a bit longer than the height, and the head should be large and wide. The skull should feature a small dome, and the muzzle should be strong. The owner will have the choice of either cropping the ears or allowing them to retain their natural appearance. The tail should be short, and it should taper.

Many breeders place the Argentine Dogo under the category of a hunting dog.

Argentine Dogo

Also Known As

  • Argentinian Fighting Dog
  • Dogo Argentino

Country of Origin



The Argentine Dogo has a large amount of loyalty to those that care for it. They love receiving attention from their owners, and they are good with children. They are extremely protective and are quick to defend their territory against intruders. They will behave well with other dogs as long as they have been socialized with them. However, they are quick to get into fights with dogs that try to dominate them. Despite this, the Argentine Dogo is a pack dog and should be able to behave with other animals. It is important for owners to train them as puppies so that they are not too aggressive once they become adults.

Health Problems

The Argentine Dogo is a healthy breed. There are no known health problems that are specific to them. They were bred to tolerate large amounts of pain, and are highly versatile. The maximum life expectancy of these dogs may not exceed 13 years.


The Argentine Dogo is an athletic breed that needs large amounts of exercise. Owners will want to take it for long walks, and they make excellent partners for those who like to hike or jog through the woods. If this dog is taken in public, it should never be unleashed, and owners will want to monitor it at all times. These dogs can be aggressive, and can easily get into fights with other dogs and bite people that they consider to be a threat. This is a large breed that should not be confined to an apartment. Owners will want to give it a large yard to run around it.

Special Grooming Needs

These dogs have short coats that do not need extensive amounts of grooming. Regular brushing on a weekly basis is all they need.