Doberman Pinscher Pictures and Information

The Doberman Pinscher is a well-known breed that is slender and muscular. It has a tremendous amount of power and will feature a well-defined chest with a strong back and neck.


Doberman Pinscher Description

It has a short, smooth coat which will be black, tan, fawn, white, or gray in color. Some clubs consider the presence of white in the coat of the Doberman Pinscher to be undesirable, while it is accepted in other clubs. These dogs have powerful teeth, and they will be in the form of a scissors bite. The eyes should be dark in color, and the ears will be cropped and the tails should be docked. It should be noted that some European countries do not allow this. If the owner decides to dock the tail, it should be done when the puppy is three days old.

The Doberman Pinscher is a breed that was developed during the 19th century. They originate in Germany and are believed to have been bred from mixing Rottweilers with German Pinschers. The Doberman Pinscher is a well-known breed and has been featured in a number of movies, and many of these films have given it a vicious reputation.

Doberman Pinschers are muscular dogs that can be very intimidating to people who don’t know them.  They have well developed chests, short backs, and powerful necks.  The teeth of Doberman Pinschers close in strong scissors bite.  Their dark eyes exhibit lively and intelligent expressions.  Some puppies have their ears cropped at about 12 weeks of age and then their ears are taped for a few months to make them stand up.  Some also have their tails docked.  In England, cropping and docking has been banned since many feel this is cruel and unnecessary treatment and in the United States some breeders are foregoing these treatments on puppies that are born.  Male dogs are about 26-28 inches (66-71 cm) tall while females are usually about 24-26 inches (61-66 cm) tall.  Both sexes have an average weight of 66-88 pounds (30-40 kg).  

Their hair is short, thick and hard and their close fitting coats usually come in black.  Black tan, blue-gray, red and fawn colored coats also are seen on some of these dogs.  Occasional grooming is needed to maintain these smooth coats and a firm bristled brush works nicely.  Only shampoo the dogs when necessary.  

Dobermans have a reputation for being aggressive and mean but not all of them are this way.  Firm training from an early age is critical and owners must not be afraid of their dogs.  These dogs are easy to train and turn into loyal and obedient watchdogs with the proper handling.  They are a fearless breed that is always energetic and alert as well as very agile in their movements.  Dobermans should always be watched very closely around young children and never be left alone with a child.  

These dogs often display tremendous strength and stamina and require daily exercise.  They are very active dogs and are not well suited to live in an apartment or other confined area.  They must have room to move around.  They are very sensitive to cold weather and should not be kept outside in areas with cooler climates.  It is best to offer them two or three small meals a day instead of one large meal but otherwise there are no dietary restrictions for most of these dogs.  Doberman Pinschers may live to be up to 15 years old.  

Dobermans are susceptible to a number of medical conditions including neck and spinal problems, inherited blood disorders, hip dysplasia, bloat, and heart disorders.  Before buying a puppy it is recommended that you have a veterinarian give the dog a checkup.  

German tax collector Louis Dobermann is credited for developing this breed late in the nineteenth century.  He used a number of breeds to create the perfect guard dog that would be both brave and obedient.  Doberman Pinschers are descendents of Rottweilers, German Shepherds, German Pinschers and Manchester Terriers.  Great Danes and English Greyhounds may possibly be in Doberman Pinschers ancestry as well.  Today, these dogs are often used as watchdogs, guard dogs, police dogs, search rescue dogs, and in military maneuvers among other things.  

Doberman Pinscher

Also Known As

Dobermann Pinscher


The Doberman Pinscher was bred to be a guard dog, and this is what it is well known for. This dog has a powerful combination of speed and strength. It is highly intelligent and can be trained easily. While the dog is loyal to those that care for it, it can also be courageous. Dobermans enjoy being around people. However, it should only be owned by someone who is not afraid to discipline it. To keep the dog from being too protective, owners will want to make sure it is socialized while it is a puppy. Despite their vicious reputation, Dobermans are good family dogs if they are properly trained.

Health Problems

While the Doberman Pinscher is quite healthy, it may suffer from bloat, heart problems, and cervical spondylitis. The Doberman has a maximum life expectancy of 13 years.


The Doberman has lots of energy and will need to get extensive amounts of exercise. While it is possible for them to live in apartments, they will function best if they at least have a small yard. Because of its short coat, Dobermans cannot tolerate weather which is extremely cold. Owners will want to make sure they are protected during the winter months.

Special Grooming Needs

Dobermans do not need lots of grooming. They have short coats that are smooth and easy to care for. They will shed a standard amount of fur.