Gordon Setter Pictures and Information

The Gordon Setter is a dog that has a powerful structure, and its head is large as well. The lips are highly developed, and the coat should have a texture that is wavy.


Gordon Setter Description

The only coat colors that are acceptable for this dog are tan and black. This is a tall dog that has an elegant shape.  While the head is large, it is also long, and it also has a prominent stop. The Gordon Setter should have a black nose with nostrils that are large. While the muzzle must belong, it should not be sharp. The teeth can be in a level bite, and it may also be in a scissors bite as well. The eyes should be oval in shape, and they must be dark brown in color.

Gordon Setter


The Gordon Setter is a breed that is well known for its reliability and obedience. It is devoted to those that care for it, and they are great companions that enjoy being around children. These dogs are natural hunters and are very alert. While these dogs will openly show affection to those they care about, they do not trust strangers. The Gordon Setter likes to move about in wide-open areas, and owners will want to make sure it is placed in a yard that is surrounded by a fence. Because these dogs can be highly independent, owners will also want to make sure they are properly trained while they are puppies.

Health Problems

While Gordon Setters tend to be healthy dogs, they may develop eye problems, bloat, and hip dysplasia. Owners will not want to feed them large meals. The Gordon Setter has a maximum life expectancy of 12 years.


These dogs have lots of energy, and the need to exercise them is not optional. Owners will want to take them on extended walks, and they should be allowed to run free in open areas that are secure. If they are not given sufficient amounts of exercise, they can become problematic and will be hard to handle.

Special Grooming Needs

The coat of these dogs will need to be brushed or combed consistently. While owners will want to watch for tangles, the Gordon Setter has a coat that is fairly simple to care for. However, owners will need to give these dogs more care when they start shedding. They should only be given baths when it is necessary. The fur beneath the feet will need to be trimmed, and the nails should be cut as well.