Scottish Deerhound Pictures and Information

The Scottish Deerhound is a dog that has a rough coat. It also has an appearance that bears strong similarities to a Greyhound. However, the Scottish Deerhound is a bit larger than the Greyhound.


Deerhound Description

The coat is long, and these dogs will have beards.

The acceptable coat colors for this breed are gray, brindle, or fawn. The ears should be dark, and the muzzle must taper. A bit of white is acceptable on the tail, chest, and feet. The colors of the eyes should either be hazel or chestnut. The teeth of the Scottish Deerhound should showcase a level bite. The ears will lie against the head and may become slightly perked when the dog is active.

Scottish Deerhound

Also Known As

Scottish Deerhound


Despite their rough appearance, these dogs are kind and gentle. They are well mannered and are good dogs for children. While their appearance may be rough, their behavior is dignified. It is important for owners to realize that the Scottish Deerhound was not bred to be a watchdog or guard dog. They are friendly to virtually everyone they meet, and they can be slow to listen to your commands. This is not because of a lack of intelligence, but they can be stubborn. While they will behave well with dogs, they should be monitored around pets that are not canines.

Health Problems

This breed is susceptible to developing bloat. They should not be fed a single large meal each day. Instead, the meals should be split. It is also important for owners to make sure these dogs are not given large amounts of exercise when they’ve just finished eating. The Scottish Deerhound has a maximum life expectancy of 10 years.

Scottish Deerhound Female


The Scottish Deerhound is an active dog and needs extensive amounts of exercise. However, owners will not want to unleash this dog unless they are in a safe location. These dogs move fast and are hard to catch. They love to chase things and this includes cars. The Scottish Deerhound is an excellent breed for owners who like to jog. These dogs are not ideal pets for those who live in apartments. They will at least need to have a sizeable yard so that it can run around.

Special Grooming Needs

The Scottish Deerhound has a rough coat that needs large amounts of grooming. The coats may need to be trimmed, but owners can do this without the assistance of a professional. The Scottish Deerhound will shed a standard amount of fur.