American Water Spaniel Pictures and Information

The American Water Spaniel is an active breed that has a muscular build. It features a coat that has a curly texture, and it also has an undercoat which protects it.


American Water Spaniel Description

While the primary color for the coat is liver, chocolate, or black, it may have small patches of white on the chest. The skull is wide, and the stop is medium. The muzzle of these dogs should have a square shape. The ears should have an extended length, and they should feature curls.

The color of the eyes should compliment the coat and will be brown or hazel in color. The nose should be black or brown. The teeth may form a level bite, but a scissors bite is acceptable as well. These dogs are good swimmers and will use their tails as a type of rudder.

American Water Spaniel


The American Water Spaniel is a sophisticated dog that is easy to train. It has been used to hunt ducks and rabbits, and it has been used as a guard dog as well. These dogs have a number of traits that make them desirable. They are quick to obey the commands of their masters, and they will showcase large amounts of confidence. While they can be great with children, they may snap at them if they are startled. These dogs do not respond well to harsh discipline methods. These dogs should be trained while they are young to avoid nervousness.

Health Problems

The American Water Spaniel is a healthy dog that does not have any genetic disorders. However, some of these dogs may have skin disorders. These dogs have a maximum life expectancy of 15 years.


The American Water Spaniel is a breed that will need extensive amounts of exercise. As its name implies, these dogs enjoy swimming and can exercise themselves if they are given access to a pool. Owners will want to take them on extended walks regularly. These dogs will function well in apartments if they are given exercise by their owners, but they will get all the exercise they need in a yard that is moderate in size.

Special Grooming Needs

The American Water Spaniel has a coat which contains large amounts of oil. Owners will want to make sure the coat is brushed each week, and the dog should not be bathed too much, as this will remove the natural oils of the coat and may make the skin of the dog dry.