Danish-Swedish Farmdog Pictures and information

The Danish-Swedish Farmdog is a breed that originated in Scandinavia. It is a relatively rare dog that is still found primarily in this region.


Danish-Swedish Farmdog Description

They are extremely rare in the United States, and it is estimated that only about 49 dogs currently exist in the entire country. As of this time, the American Kennel Club does not recognize this breed. However, they are registered with the American Rare Breeds Association.

Danish-Swedish Farmdogs have an appearance which resembles that of a Jack Russel terrier. They are small dogs that feature coats that are smooth and brilliant.

Their heads are relatively small, but they feature strong jaws. All Danish-Swedish Farmdogs will have a white-colored coat, but it may feature additional patterns or colors such as black or brown. One interesting characteristic of Danish-Swedish Farmdogs is that they can be born with either a long tail or a tail that has a natural bob. Males will stand at a maximum of 14 inches and will weigh no more than 25 pounds. Females will stand at a maximum of 13 inches and will not weigh more than 22 pounds.

Danish-Swedish Farmdog

Also Known As

  • Danish Chicken Dog
  • Dansk-Svensk Gaardhund


Danish-Swedish Farmdogs feature a rich personality. They are friendly and alert and enjoy having fun. They are not aggressive at all. They make excellent family dogs and are good with children. They also work well with other dog breeds. Unlike many terriers, they are active, but not to the point of being hyper. These dogs will demand the attention of their owners. Danish-Swedish Farmdogs are smart and can be easily trained. These dogs will need to be trained as soon as possible. While they can bark, they do not do it excessively.

Health Problems

Danish-Swedish Farmdogs are a very healthy breed. There are not any diseases that are specific to them. They can live as long as 15 years.


Based on their temperament, the Danish-Swedish Farmdog needs to constantly be active. An owner must be able to reserve about 1 hour each day for exercising the dog. The best type of exercise may vary. The most important part of exercising these dogs is that they must have your full attention. If you don’t have a large yard, they will need to be taken on extended walks.

Special Grooming Needs

This dog breed has a coat that is easy to maintain. It does not need to be brushed on a daily basis, and you can bathe them whenever you want. They will shed a little fur on a regular basis, and you can remove dead hair with a brush.