Danish Broholmer Pictures and Information

The Danish Broholmer is a large-sized breed of dog. They stand between 22 to 30 inches in height and weigh 87 to 153 pounds.


Danish Broholmer Description

They are considered a somewhat massive breed. They are very similar to the Mastiff breed. They have giant heads, similar to Mastiffs. Their head is wide and strong. They are a very muscular breed. Their necks and chests have some loose skin, but not as much as a Mastiff. Their coats are very short and smooth but they have thick undercoats. Coat colors for a Danish Broholmer include yellow with a black muzzle, golden, or red. They are often found with white markings on their chest, feet, and tips of their tail, but this is not always the case. The Danish Broholmer originates from Denmark. This breed has been known of since the Middle Ages. The breed original use was for hunting. In later times, this breed was most commonly found as a guard dog.

The breed almost became extinct after World War II, but thankfully in 1975, a group was founded to preserve the breed.

Danish Broholmer

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The Danish Broholmer is a confident breed. They are far less clumsy and rambunctious than other Mastiff type breeds. They are a calm and well-rounded breed. They are friendly and can be affectionate but always remain weary of strangers. This quality makes them well-suited as a guard dog for any home. They are not known to be aggressive but can be hard to read at times. It is best if this breed is kept out of household with smaller children, based They usually are not a breed that is comfortable around other dogs, especially males, but if raised with them from puppy hood they should adapt to them well.

Health Problems

The Danish Broholmer is a very large breed, taking this into consideration they are a healthy breed. They are prone to hip dysplacia, as are all larger breeds of dog. They can also develop problems with their hips.


A Danish Broholmer does require a good amount of exercise, though it is very important not to over exercise them when they are puppies. Large breeds such as this grow very quickly and too much strain on their not yet developed bones can cause many health problems in later years. When a Danish Broholmer is a puppy it is best to only exercise them 15 minutes a day, two times a day. When they are older they can exercise more frequently. It is necessary that this breed have plenty of room to run and play as they are so large. They are never recommended for apartment living.

Special Grooming Needs

Danish Broholmers require little grooming. They do shed heavily during shedding months. During this time it is important to brush them frequently and bathe them to aide in the process. Many who own such large breeds opt to have their dogs bathed by professionals.