German Spitz Pictures and Information

The German Spitz is a breed that falls under three categories, and these are Toy, Standard, and Giant. The only thing that differentiates the three variations is the size and coat color.


German Spitz Description

The Giant Spitz will have a coat that is either black, white, or brown. The Standard and Toy variations will come with a much larger selection of colors. The ears of the German Spitz should have the shape of triangles, and the hair on the head should have a shorter length than the other parts of its body. The feet of these dogs are small, and the eyes are prominent. The tail of this breed should curve over their backs.

German Spitz

Also Known As

Deutscher Spitz


The German Spitz is an active dog that is highly alert. They are excellent watchdogs, and are quick to warn their owners of intruders. It may sometimes appear as if these dogs are smiling. The German Spitz has large amounts of agility, and is well known for its ability to jump. These dogs will do anything to get the attention of their owners. This is a sociable breed. They enjoy being in the company of those that care for them. They are wary around strangers, and may bark a lot. Males may not get along with other male dogs. It is important for owners to teach this dog not to bark too much. Owners should also make it clear that they are the ones in charge.

Health Problems

There are no known health problems that are specific to the German Spitz. Any disorders that it develops may be common with other dog breeds. The maximum life expectancy of these dogs will vary based on their variation. While the Giant variation will have a maximum life expectancy of 13 years, the Standard and Toy may live up to 15 years.


The German Spitz has large amounts of energy, and some have been known to walk as far as twenty mile without becoming tired. However, these dogs are adaptable when it comes to the amount of exercise they are given. It is not crucial for owners to exercise them every day. This is a breed that is excellent for people who live in apartments. However, if they are given a bit of room outside, they will be active.

Special Grooming Needs

It is important for owners to make sure the coats of these dogs are brushed. If they are not, mats could form. You may find that some of these dogs will give you a hard time when you attempt to groom them, but they must be taught not to do this.