Australian Bulldog Pictures and Information

The Australian Bulldog has a powerful body that should be muscular. The females should have a body that is long rather than short, and the chest of these dogs should be wide.


Australian Bulldog Description

The coat of the Bulldog will be short and sleek, and it should never be rough. These dogs have large heads that are distinctive. It should have the shape of a square, and the stop should be prominent. Some wrinkles may be present near the nose. The eyes of this breed should be large and widely spaced out.

The acceptable coat colors for the Australian Bulldog are orange, red, mahogany, apricot, red brindle, fawn, silver, or black brindle.

Australian Bulldog


The Australian Bulldog is an intelligent breed that has an excellent disposition. They are excellent with children and are reliable to their owners. These dogs love to swim, and owners can play fetch with them as well. While this breed is a good watchdog, they are not good for people who are looking for a good guard dog. These dogs are highly alert and are quick to warn their owners of intruders. Because of their intelligence, these dogs are simple to train. These dogs should never be overly aggressive, and they will work hard to gain the affection of their owners.

Health Problems

While breeders have worked hard to get rid of genetic disorders with these dogs, they are still prone to developing a few minor conditions. However, the Australian Bulldog is a healthy breed, and they don’t suffer from any serious conditions. These dogs have a maximum life expectancy of 13 years.


The Australian Bulldog loves to swim, and owners will want to put a pool in the yard that they can swim in. When the climate becomes cold, these dogs will lay in the sun. Owners will want to take them for walks on a consistent basis. These dogs are excellent for owners who live in apartments. They don’t need to have a yard, and they will function best in temperate environments. They were bred to live inside the home.

Special Grooming Needs

The Australian Bulldog has a fine coat that is easy to maintain. Owners will want to use a strong brush, and they should not have to bathe these dogs a lot. It is important to make sure that the inside of the wrinkles is cleaned. These dogs will shed a standard amount of fur.