German Shorthaired Pointer Pictures and Information

The German Shorthaired Pointer is a medium sized breed of dog. They stand 23 to 25 inches in height and weigh between 55 and 70 pounds.  They are a clean-cut, lean, well-balanced, hunting dog.


German Shorthaired Pointer Description

Their muzzles are long but never pointed. The length of the muzzle should be the same as the length of the skull. Their almond-shaped eyes and nose are brown. Their broad ears are set high and lie close to the head. Their coat is short, dense and sleek. They are usually solid liver in color or liver and white. They almost never any other color. Their tails are often docked.

The German Short Haired Pointer was created in the early nineteenth- century, in Germany. Many breeds of dogs were incorporated in the mix, these include, Old Spanish Pointers, Hounds of St. Hubert, the Foxhound, other hounds, and English Pointers. They were used as hunting dogs and are used today for the same as well as for companion dogs.

German Shorthaired Pointer

Also Known As

  • Deutsch Kurzhaar
  • Deutscher kurzhaariger Vorstehhund
  • Kurzhaar


The German Shorthaired Pointer is very energetic, smart and willing to please. They are cheerful and friendly and play well with children. Loyal and protective, he loves all family members equally, especially if they are carrying the leash, car key, gun or Frisbee. They are very people-oriented, and not happy if isolated from the family. Males tend to be more outgoing and are more aggressive hunters than females. Females tend to be less dominant. Energy levels vary somewhat, as litters bred for high-performance field competition may require more activity than the average Shorthair. If raised with other dogs and cats from puppyhood, the German Shorthaired Pointer does quite well; however, he is a hunting dog by nature. This breed likes to bark and they are reserved with strangers.

Health Problems

German Short Haired Pointers are usually a healthy breed but some are prone to epilepsy, hermaphrodism and lymphedema. Some minor concerns associated with the breed are CHD, entropion, gastric torsion, VWD, pannus, OCD.


German Short Haired Pointers require a great deal of exercise. Plenty of exercises is vital to keeping your German Shorthaired Pointer healthy and happy. They are more than a match for even the most active family and they should not be taken on as family pets unless they can be guaranteed plenty of vigorous exercises. If under-exercised, this breed can become restless and destructive.  They must never be kept in an apartment.

Special Grooming Needs

German Short Haired Pointers require little grooming. Occasional brushing and bathing will ensure their coats remain shiny and smooth.