Bolognese Dog Pictures and Information

The Bolognese is a small dog breed that has a fluffy white coat that covers most of its body. The body should have a square shape, and both the height and length should be equal.


Bolognese Dog Description

The head of the Bolognese is moderate in size, and the stop should be prominent. The skull of these dogs should be shaped like an egg, and the teeth should be aligned. While a pincer bite is allowed for the teeth, a scissors bite is preferred.

The eyes of the Bolognese should have a circular shape, and the ears should hang to the sides of the head. The tail should be carried over the back in a curve. The coat should have a solid white color with no shades.

The Bolognese is a breed that has existed since Roman times. While it is related to the Bichon Frise, it has a number of differences in its behavior. These dogs were the favorite pets of wealthy families and were purchased by the Medici family and the Belgian nobles.

Bolognese dog

Also Known As

Bichon Bolognese


Unlike many small dogs, the Bolognese is not highly energetic. It has a serious disposition and shows a large amount of love and loyalty to its master. These dogs enjoy being around people and make excellent companions. They can be playful, but they are shyer than other small dogs. If you don’t give these dogs enough attention, they will howl until they get it. Because these dogs are friendly towards strangers, they don’t make good watchdogs, and their size does not allow them to be good guard dogs either. However, the Bolognese will get along with your other pets and is a great dog for the family.

Health Problems

These dogs are healthy and are not susceptible to any serious health problems. Any diseases they suffer from may be found with other dog breeds. The Bolognese has a maximum life expectancy of 14 years.


When it comes to exercise, the Bolognese is an independent breed. It can exercise without the assistance of its owner, but they won’t scoff at being taken on walks by their owners. They also love being able to run free in a secure area. Because of their size and character, the Bolognese is good for those who live in apartments.

Special Grooming Needs

Owners will need to brush the coats of these dogs at least once a day. They will need to get an extensive amount of grooming once a month. However, the Bolognese does not shed a large amount of fur.