German Sheeppoodle Schafpudel Pictures and Information

The German Sheeppoodle is often called Schafpudel and is a medium-sized dog. Their height ranges between 20 to 24 inches.


German Sheeppoodle Schafpudel Description

Their coat is most often white. Other colors that their coats may appear in, but very rarely, are: black, cream, tan, gray. Their coats are long and very wavy. Their fur tends to form cords, not unlike the fur of a poodle or Puli. They have drop ears and very long tails. The breed was originally bred for herding. Their unique corded coat helped them blend in with the sheep.

The exact origin of the German Sheeppoodle is unknown but many believe that the breed was created when the importing and exporting of sheep between Germany and Hungary was common. It is believed that during this time the breeds known as Pulis and Komondors mated and thus, created a new breed, the German Sheeppoodle. The German Sheeppoodle has never been a well-known dog outside of its native Germany. Today, the breed is not even well known in Germany. The breed is practically extinct.

German Sheeppoodle Schafpudel


The temperament of a German Sheeppoodle can vary, like all dogs. Because it is most likely a mix between the Puli and the Komondor the breed has a bit of a confused personality. Some German Sheeppoodles tend to act like that of a Komondor. They tend to be serious, commanding, and often times quite aggressive. Other dogs of the breed will tend to act like Pulis. They are cheerful, playful, and very obedient. Early socialization is the key to ensuring that a German Sheeppoodle does not act out aggressively. Some characteristics that all German Sheeppoodles do possess are loyalty and intelligence. When raised with children from an early age the German Sheeppoodle can make a wonderful pet, but they are never recommended for homes with small children.

Health Problems

The German Sheepoodle is a strong, and healthy breed. They are sometimes prone to common eye problems. Skin rashes or irritations may occur.


German Sheeppoodles are energetic and do need a lot of exercises. Those that most take after the Komondor need to be outside must of the day. They determine their own exercise needs and meet them on their own. They tend to sleep quite often as well. Those taking after a Puli are more lively and seek human companionship. Some do quite well indoors, others become bored easily.

Special Grooming Needs

German Sheeppoodles require a good deal of special grooming. You must never comb or brush a German Sheeppoodle’s coat. They must be bathed very frequently and can take upwards to two days to dry completely. An owner or groomer must separate their corded coat once a day to prevent matting. A plus to this breed is that they never shed. Their coats are very unique and people who are allergic to dogs are rarely allergic to German Sheeppoodles.