German Hunt Terrier Pictures and Information

The German Hunt Terrier is a small to the medium-sized breed of dog. They stand, on average, 16 inches in height.


German Hunt Terrier Description

They weigh between 20 to 22 pounds. They have very square builds with deep chests that are also narrow. The tail is set fairly high and straight. The coat may be either harsh or smooth; the important factor for coats of working terriers being that the coat must be thick and ample for turning briars and fangs. The coat is most commonly colored black and tan.

The German Hunt Terrier (German Jagdterrier, Deutscher Jagdterrier, Jagdterrier) is a comparatively young breed, having been developed only since the turn of the 20th century. The breed was developed in Germany as a functional hunting dog and is used there on a wide variety of game, including wild boar, badger, fox, and weasel. Imports into the United States and Canada have also been used by sportsmen as tree dogs, primarily for raccoons and squirrels.

German Hunt Terrier

Also Known As

  • Deutscher Jagdterrier
  • German Hunting Terrier
  • Jagdterrier


The German Hunt Terrier is highly intelligent and friendly. However, they should not be strictly family pets. The breed is determined to work and had an incredible amount of energy. German Hunt Terriers possess a spirit of liveliness and speed at work, yet are regal at rest. They are alert, active, and athletic breed. They are very clever when hunting. They are also a fearless breed, caring not for their size.

Health Problems

There are no known health problems associated with the German Hunt Terrier but you should always be aware of potential problems.  There are times when the respiration of the animal can become shallow and this is a sign of lung weakness.  To treat this, the dog should be exercised on a regular basis.  Strengthening of the lungs will prevent future problems.


German Hunt Terriers require a great deal of exercise. They will not get this exercise unless they are used for hunting and sporting.  Taking regular trips to a park or open area for running and chasing is the best idea for exercise.  A leash is not necessary unless the law requires it because this animal is undyingly faithful to their owners.

Special Grooming Needs

German Hunt Terriers require little to no grooming. Occasional brushing and bathing will keep their coats in top shape.  Inspect their teeth on a regular basis for rot.  There is a chance that the animal will have dental problems and need some treatment in time.