Chinook Dog Pictures and Information

The Chinook is a breed that was used as a sled dog. This dog is not common today, and is an American breed that was first bred during the twentieth century.


Chinook Dog Description

The Chinook stands at a maximum height of 27 inches, and it should weigh no more than 90 pounds. It is a muscular dog that should have a compact body.

The acceptable coat colors for this breed range from red to honey or gold. The color black should be found near the eyes. The color white is considered to be a fault with this breed. The double coat should be moderate in length, and the eyes should have a brown or amber color. While this is a rare breed, it has been steadily gaining prominence with the various American kennel clubs in recent years.

Chinook Dog

Country of Origin

United States


The Chinook is a relaxed dog that should never show signs of aggressiveness. While it will be loving to those that care for it, it may be wary around people it is not familiar with. They are excellent with children, and make great dogs for the family. They enjoy the company of their owners, and they are overall an excellent breed that is well balanced. They originate in the New England region of the United States. These dogs consistently perform well in obedient tests, and they have been used for search and rescue work. This is an intelligent dog that has a large number of skills.

Health Problems

While the Chinook is a relatively healthy breed, they may develop eye problems, hip dysplasia, or epilepsy. While there maximum life expectancy is not clear, the Chinook may live up to 14 years.


The Chinook needs standard amounts of exercise. Owners will want to take it on walks regularly, and they are great for active families that like to jog or ride bikes. They should be allowed to run free in a wide open area. The optimal living conditions for this breed are not known. While they may be able to live in apartments or small homes, owners should at least put them in a small to medium sized yard that will allow them to run around.

Special Grooming Needs

This dog has a double coat that owners will want to groom regularly. It should be combed or brushed to make sure mats or tangles don’t form. If mats become present, owners may have to remove them by hand. The shedding characteristics of the Chinook are not known.