Black Russian Terrier Pictures and Information

The Black Russian Terrier is a breed that is active and powerful. They have heads that are shaped like blocks, and their skulls should be wide.


Black Russian Terrier Description

The Black Russian Terrier will have a beard that is connected to the muzzle. While the stop should be prominent, it should not be too well defined.

The nose is sizeable, and it should be black in color. The jaws of these dogs must be strong, and the teeth should form a scissors bite. The eyes should be dark in color and should have the shape of almonds.

The ears should never be cropped and will have a triangle shape. This is a breed that should have a strong neck, and the coat should be black in color.

Black Russian Terrier

Also Known As

  • Black Terrier
  • Chornyi
  • Russian Bear Schnauzer
  • Russian Black Terrier
  • Tchiorny Terrier


The Black Russian Terrier is a courageous dog that is wary of strangers. It is protective by nature and makes an excellent guard dog. As puppies, they will learn things quickly. These dogs love being around children and enjoy playing with them. The Black Russian Terrier is a dog that must be around humans. They behave well with other dogs, and it is simple to housebreak them. Owners can train these dogs easily, and they will only bark when there is a good reason to do so. They should be trained as puppies so they are not dominant when they become adults.

Health Problems

This breed is known for developing hip dysplasia, and it may be a good idea for owners to have the dog x-rayed for this condition. In addition to this, these dogs are prone to developing ear disorders, so it is important for owners to make sure their ears are cleaned. The Black Russian Terrier has a maximum life expectancy of 11 years.


This breed enjoys being taken on long walks. They love to play and must be in the company of humans. The Black Russian Terrier loves playing in water and snow. Despite their size, these dogs will function well in apartments if they are cared for. However, it is up to the owner to make sure they get the proper exercise. If they are kept in the yard, owners will want to spend time with them. The Black Russian Terrier hates living in kennels.

Special Grooming Needs

The Black Russian Terrier has a waterproof coat that owners will need to groom consistently. These dogs will also need to be taken to a dog grooming professional. Any hair that is near the ear should be removed, as it could lead to problems.