American Bulldog Pictures and Information

The American Bulldog is a breed that has a larger amount of agility than the English Bulldog. Although the American Bulldog is a fairly agile breed,


American Bulldog Description

They still have a highly muscular frame, strong jaws, and a large head. These dogs have wide chests, and the neck should taper from the shoulders to the skull. The head should have a square shape, and the eyes should be circular. The muzzle of the American Bulldog should be powerful. In addition to this, the stop should be prominent. The teeth will either need to form a scissors or undershot bite.

The American Bulldog may come with a number of different ear shapes, but the most common are pendant or rose. The coat is short, and the acceptable colors are tan, red, brindle, white, or brown.

American Bulldog

Also Known As

  • Old Country Bulldog


While the American Bulldog should not be too aggressive, it should not be overly timid. While these dogs may have an appearance that is similar to the American Pit Bull, their behavior should be different. These dogs are courageous and focused. They are excellent dogs for children, and they will fight if they are threatened. The American Bulldog is known for quickly obeying the commands that its master may give to it. Because this breed can be protective, it is important for owners to make sure they are socialized while they are young. These dogs are sociable and must be in the company of people in order to be cheerful.

Health Problems

This breed is known for developing hip dysplasia. In addition to this, they may drool, and though this is not a health problem, it could be an undesirable trait for some people. Other than this, the American Bulldog is a healthy breed and will have a maximum life expectancy of 16 years.


These dogs will need medium levels of exercise. Owners will want to take them on long walks when they need it. The American Bulldog will function well living indoors if it is given the necessary amount of exercise. However, a moderate-sized yard is usually recommended.

Special Grooming Needs

The American Bulldog will only shed a standard amount of fur. Because the coat is short and strong, owners will want to use a firm brush when grooming it. These dogs should only be bathed when they need it. Overall, the American Bulldog is relatively simple to groom