German Pinscher Dog Pictures and Information

The German Pinscher is a medium-sized breed of dog. They stand between 16 to 19 inches in height. They weigh between 25 to 35 pounds.


German Pinscher Description

They are strong and muscular. They have smooth and glossy coats. Their coats are most commonly found to be black and tan in color. Their coats can be, red fawn, or dark brown with yellow markings. They have erect ears that are usually cropped. Their tails are usually docked. This tall terrier evolved as a traditional farmer’s vermin hunter. It guarded and drove livestock and was a watchdog.

It is the forebear of the Miniature Pinscher and the Schnauzer, and it played a role in the development of the Doberman. The breed was officially recognized in Germany in 1879 and has been protected and promoted since 1894 by the German Pinscher Schnauzer Club. During the years around the turn of the century, both smooth pinscher and coarse-haired Schnauzer pups appeared in the same litters. The club initiated a policy requiring proof of three generations of pure smooth coats for registration. This quickly helped set type and made them a distinct breed from the Schnauzer. The German Pinscher has been used as a vermin destroyer, herder, watchdog, guard dog, and family pet.

German Pinscher

Also Known As

  • Deutscher Pinscher
  • Standard Pinscher


The German Pinscher can be an ideal companion dog. This rare breed has a sense of humor, is brave, not squeamish, sober, and have considerable stamina. It is lively but docile, quite versatile, and a vocal guard dog. It responds to obedience training. However, they can be bull-headed and stubborn and need to know who is boss. This breed only barks when it feels it is necessary, which may be often. Visitors will be announced with loud barking but then things usually calm down quickly. This breed needs to know that when the family is gone, it owns everything and when the family is home it owns nothing. The German Pincher is not a good breed for children for this reason; they may not differentiate between a real problem and some good old roughhousing. They will instinctively protect and will bite first and think later. Like other pinschers and terriers, they do not back away from disputes with other dogs and need firm handling to control their fighting tendencies. German Pinschers are very loyal and protective.

Health Problems

The German Pinscher is generally a very healthy breed. Cases of hip dysplasia are rare but do occur.


German Pinscher requires a lot of exercises. They will enjoy running alongside you when you bicycle, playing in the yard, or a walk around the block. The German Pinscher will do okay in an apartment if it is sufficiently exercised. They should have a tight fenced in yard. This breed will run off chasing anything that moves quickly.

Special Grooming Needs

German Pinschers coats require little grooming. Occasional brushing should be done. They can be bathed only when necessary. The breed sheds an average amount.