Galgo Espanol Dog Pictures and Information

Galgo Espanol is a large breed of dog. They stand between 26 to 28 inches in height. They weigh between 60 to 66 pounds.


Galgo Espanol Description

They are also referred to as the Spanish Greyhound. They are similar in appearance to other Greyhound breeds. Their coats are short and sleek. Coat colors include cinnamon, chestnut, red, black, brindle, white, and all combinations of those colors. The Galgo Espanol is a breed with an ancient history. They date back to six centuries ago. They get their name from Gauls, which was a Celtic tribe that lived on the Iberian Peninsula. They were used for racing, hunting, and farming.

Galgo Espanol

Also Known As

  • Spanish Galgo
  • Spanish Greyhound


The Galgo Espanol is a calm, elegant, dog. They are not prone to hyperactivity or aggression. They were said to make wonderful companions for people of all ages. They are a protective breed and very loyal to their owners.  Aggression is seen in this breed only when the animal or their owner feels like they are in danger.  Violent attacks can occur if the animal feels trapped and they will defend themselves viscously if necessary.  Small children should be taught to respect the dog’s private space and never attempt to take their food away.

Health Problems

Galgo Espanol is prone to hip dysplasia and skin allergies.  The skin allergies are oftentimes caused by parasites, like fleas.  If the dog spends any amount of time outside it should be checked for fleas and ticks.  If the animal does have fleas then immediate action is required to prevent an outbreak of skin rash.


Galgo Espanol are a breed of dog that must have a great deal of exercise. They are extremely fast and will take after anything that catches their eye. This can often include other small pets. They need a good deal of room to run and play outside. It is recommended these dogs sleep inside and that they are never left in cold weather because they do not have a coat that will protect them from these temperatures.  The cold temperatures can cause this animal to develop upper respiratory problems which could prove to be fatal if not treated.

Special Grooming Needs

Galgo Espanol requires little grooming. They should be bathed only when absolutely necessary as over bathing can cause skin irritations. When they are bathed it should be with mild soap and warm water.  Rinsing should be complete as leftover shampoo or soap is very bad for the dog’s skin.