Chinese Foo Dog Pictures and Information

The Chinese Foo is a dog breed that has an appearance that is similar to other Northern dogs. Their bodies should be shaped like squares, and they are moderate in size.


The Chinese Foo Description

The head is wide, and the dog should carry its tail above the back. The coat texture of the Chinese Foo will be coarse. The head must have the shape of a wedge. While the stop should be prominent, it should not be large. The teeth should either form a reverse scissors or scissors bite.

The tongue of the Chinese Foo may be blue, pink, black, or red. The eyes should have the shape of almonds, and they should be darker brown in color. The eyes of this breed should be bright.

Chinese Foo


The Chinese Foo is an energetic dog that has large amounts of endurance and strength. It was bred to be a hunter, and it is proficient at this. It has extensive amounts of agility, and it is a good protector which loves and friendly to those that care for it. The Chinese Foo is a great dog for the family. It has a number of characteristics that make it a desirable dog. It has a large amount of independence, as well as dignity. These dogs will display an exceptional amount of loyalty.

Health Problems

There are no known disorders that are specific to this breed. The Chinese Foo is a healthy dog. It may have a maximum life expectancy of 14 years.


The Chinese Foo was bred to hunt, so it is important for owners to make sure it is given the exercise it needs. They can be taken for extended walks, and they make great jogging partners. Because of their independence, they may be able to exercise themselves if they are allowed to run free in an open are. Not much is known about the recommended living conditions of these dogs. Because of their moderate size, they may function well in apartments, but owners will want to at least give them a small yard.

Special Grooming Needs

The Chinese Foo has a double coat that owners will need to give extensive amounts of care. Owners will need to brush the coat on a consistent basis, and any mats or tangles which appear should be removed. These dogs should not need a large number of baths, and they should only be given when it’s needed. The coat must not be cut under any circumstances. However, cutting fur from the base of the feet is allowed.