French Black and White Hound Pictures and Information

The French Black and White Hound is a dog breed that originates in France. It has a head that is somewhat large, and it will feature a long shape.


French Black and White Hound Description

The skull should have a small dome, and the stop should be noticeable but not prominent. The bridge of the nose should have a small curve. The nose should either be orange or black in color. The ears should belong, and the eyes should be dark in color. The body of the French Black and White Hound should have a strong appearance. A small tuck should be present in the stomach, and the chest of these dogs should display a height that is taller than it is wide.

The acceptable coat colors for this breed are white, black, grey, or tan.

French Black and White Hound

Also Known As

  • Français blanc et noir

Country of Origin



Like many members of the Hound family, the French Black and White Hound will display courage and strength. It has large amounts of endurance and can work for extended periods of time. They are excellent companions that were bred to hunt in packs, and this allows them to get along with other dogs. This particular breed was trained to track down deer. These dogs should be purchased by owners who have natural leadership qualities. Those who purchase this dog can expect it to display the characteristics that are commonly seen in hunting breeds.

Health Problems

The French Black and White Hound is a healthy breed that does not suffer from any genetic health problems. The only thing that owners may want to watch for is hip dysplasia. These dogs may have a maximum life expectancy of 13 years.


The need for exercise is not optional with this breed. The French Black and White Hound should not be purchased by inactive owners who are too busy to give it the exercise it needs. These dogs will perform best with physically active families who like to hike, jog, or walk. This dog is the perfect partner to take for treks through the woods. However, it should not be unleashed as it strong sense of smell could cause it to run off. This is an outdoor dog that may not function well in apartments. Owners will want to make sure it is given a sufficient amount of space to run around in.

Special Grooming Needs

These dogs do not require extensive amounts of grooming, but owners will want to make sure their coats are combed or brushed on a consistent basis.