Chinese Crested Dog Pictures and Information

The Chinese Crested is a strange dog that falls under two categories. In one variation, the dog will be hairless all over its body with the exception of the feet, tail, and head,


Chinese Crested Dog Description

And the other variation has a long coat. The first is called the Hairless, and the latter is named the Powder Puff. Both variations will have numerous coat colors, and their skulls will be wide.

The muzzle is long, and the eyes are dark in color. The ears should always stand upright. Both variations of the Chinese Crested may be present in one litter.

Chinese Crested

Also Known As

  • Hairless
  • Powderpuff


The Chinese Crested is an extremely rare breed. These dogs are affectionate, and love to play with their owners. They are great with children, but they must not be too rough with these dogs. The Chinese Crested is a delicate dog that can easily be hurt. These dogs are intelligent and active. Because of their disposition, the Chinese Crested has a tendency to be timid. To avoid these problems, owners will want to present loud noises to these dogs while they are puppies. The Chinese Crested is good with other dogs, and does not bark a lot. They love digging holes, and will build a strong bond with their owners.

Health Problems

Owners will need to be careful with this breed to avoid skin problem. Sunscreen must be placed on these dogs. The Chinese Crested may be sensitive to products such as wool, and their teeth can rot if they are not properly maintained. Owners will not want to give these dogs hard objects to bit on. The Chinese Crested has a maximum life expectancy of 12 years.


These dogs will function well when they are given consistent amount of exercise. Owners will want to take them on long walks. The Chinese Crested is a great dog for those that live in apartments. They can exercise indoors, and do not need to be placed in a yard. In addition to this, they should be covered in cold weather.

Special Grooming Needs

The Chinese Crested is a clean breed that does not need large amounts of care. Because the Powder Puffs have elaborate coats, they will need more care than the Hairless. When these dogs begin to shed, owners will want to groom them thoroughly. It is important to make sure the undercoat of the Powder Puff does not become matted. Owners will want to give these dogs baths regularly, and sunscreen should be used to protect their skin. The Chinese Crested is an excellent dog for people who have allergies.