Bernese Mountain Dog Pictures and Information

The Bernese Moutain Dog is a type of farm dog that has been used for herding cattle. They were originally bred in Switzerland.


Bernese Mountain Dog Description

The ideal Bernese Mountain Dog will have three colors, and these are black, tan, and white. they will stand at a maximum of 27.5 inches and are fairly large build. The typical Berner will weigh between 70 to 130 pounds. Most of the fur will be black in color, while a smaller portion of the fur will be tan. The muzzle, chest, and tail will be white.

The most impressive breeds will have what is called a “Swiss cross” on their chest that is white in color, while their eyes are dark brown.

It was used in Swiss towns for carrying milk and other farm equipment. The breed nearly vanished by the end of the 18th century, but was protected by Herr Franz Schertenleib, a cynologist.

Bernese Mountain

Also Known As

  • Berner Sennenhund
  • Bouvier Bernois
  • Dürrbächler


Even though Berners are at home outside, they can perform equally well in a house. While they are not known for their endurance, they can move extremely fast for dogs of their size. The Berner is loyal, loving, and smart. They can also be easily trained by those who are skilled with dogs. The Berner is an excellent dog for families.

Health Problems

Because the Bernese Mountain Dog has a small genetic foundation, it suffers from a number of conditions. It may develop a number of different types of cancer such as mastocytoma or osteosarcoma. It may also develop problems with the hip and kidneys. The primary condition that Berners suffer from is called inbreeding depression. Because of this, Berners don’t have a very long life span. Most Berners live about 7 years, and only a small percentage of them live beyond 9 years.


Berners need plenty of exercise. Though they can be quick, they are lacking in stamina. Because they were bred to be herd dogs, they need lots of room to utilize both their strength and size.

Special Grooming Needs

The Berner has a coat which is somewhat rough. Because it was bred for herding, it will feature a undercoat which is very dense. This protects the dog against both harsh weather and dust. Owners will want to brush their Berners once a week to make sure the coat is in good shape. Berners will shed their undercoats, and owners will need to brush them each day when this occurs.