Fox Terrier Dog Pictures and Information

The term Fox Terrier is used to define two dog breeds, and these are the Wire Fox Terrier and the Smooth Fox Terrier.


Fox Terrier Dog Description

Both of these dogs originated in England and were first bred in the 19 century. The two breeds are similar in appearance and behavior, and the primary difference between the two is their coat. Smooth Fox Terriers will have smooth coats that are dense, while the Wire Fox Terrier will have a coat that is bristly and dense. These dogs were bred to hunt foxes. Foxes would escape from hunters and run into a hole.

The small, compact size of Fox Terriers allowed them to go into the hole after the fox. Chasing foxes required the Fox Terriers to have a lot of endurance and speed. In addition to this, the Fox Terrier needed to have the strength to overpower a fox that was cornered. Male Fox Terriers will stand at a maximum of 16 inches, and they will weigh up to 20 pounds. Females will stand at about 15 inches and will weigh no more than 18 pounds.

Fox Terrier


Because it was bred to hunt foxes, the Fox Terrier has a lot of energy. While they enjoy playing with children, they are prone to biting. They are loving to their owners, and are courageous. They are extremely intelligent, and can easily be trained. If these dogs aren’t given attention, they may become destructive. Despite the size of these dogs, they are quite aggressive and will start fights with other dogs. It will hunt and kill other animals. The Fox Terrier can live fine in an apartment if it gets a good amount of exercise. Having a yard isn’t necessary.

Health Problems

Deafness is a common problem for Fox Terriers. Other things that owners will want to pay attention to are nose drips, cataracts, and dislocated shoulders. When they are properly cared for, Fox Terriers can live as long as 15 years.


Fox Terriers need lots of exercises. If you are living in an apartment, they will need to be taken for extended walks. If you are walking these dogs in an area where other animals are present, keep them on a leash at all times. Fox Terriers were bred to hunt and will chase, cats, birds, and other small dogs.

Special Grooming Needs

If you own a Smooth Fox Terrier, you’ll know that their coats are easy to manage. You will want to use a brush which has strong bristles. You will also want to wash and shampoo them when they need to be cleaned. They shed a standard amount of fur. Owners of the Wire Fox Terrier will have to do more work to keep the coat clean and shiny.