Cassowary The world's most dangerous bird

Belongs to the ostrich family. The small crown on the head is a special way of walking but a very dangerous bird


cassowary birds

Which is one turn knocks the face of the foot with dagger nails on its feet? This bird of black size and elegant face is commonly found in New Zealand, Australia, and Nganni, and is present in the Lahore Zoo all over Pakistan.

And even at the age of 56, she is a virgin - yet she has not seen any substance.
And we are the poor ones who are just getting themselves upset

cassowary birds' diet includes roasted grams, fruit, millet, corn, and barley. There is a jam tree in the cage of Kasuri at the Lahore Zoo, from which the fallen jambon eats it passionately. However, it spends most of its time in a cage-making room and rarely gets out.
The Lahore Zoo's administration has been trying to find any substance for male prostitution. Several countries, including the US, Malaysia, the UK were contacted in this regard, but from nowhere we could not make it available. One of the main reasons for this is that they are very rare and have no forming tendency like an emu.
It is heard that her children have been imported to the Zoo now.

Cassowary Bird

Writing - Doctor Sheikh Matin

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