Ranjit Katyal: you have ever heard this name?

This was the billionaire of an indian origin billionaire. In 1990, when Saddam Hussain attacked kuvēta, there were 1,70,000 Indians in kuvēta,


Ranjit Katyal

and then the prime minister who brought Mandal commission in the name of casteism vote bank was not so much dare to talk to Saddam and to those Indians. I can get out of there.

Congress Gandhi family (Rajiv Gandhi Ji) and Natwar Singh also earned crores in the ration scheme instead of oil from Iraq but no one came forward to save those Indians.
In such a way, that billionaire Ranjit Katyal had pioneered to remove those Indians from the war with his own and his business.

Ranjit Katyal

With the help of air India, every Indian was searching for every Indian from the corner of the corner, Ranjit Katyal saved one lakh seventy thousand Indians in 59 days and removed from kuvēta.
In the Guinness book, the world's biggest rescue operation has been recorded by a single civilian. This incident and so brave Indians do not know the name of us!!! Just because the country was destroyed by the congress government who was not able to do it. Did something for Indians and never honored the hardworking personality like Ranjit in front of the people of the country.