Bergamasco Dog Pictures and Information

The Bergamasco is a very old breed that has existed for over 2000 years. It is a sheepdog that originated in the Alps, and it features a distinctive coat.


Bergamasco Dog Description

The coat is dense and long, though this breed is only moderate in size.

The Bergamasco is a strong dog that has a compressed body. At the same time, it is highly agile, and it is the coat of this breed that allows it to stand out from other dogs. The coat is comprised of three types of fur which form mats. These mats will begin near the spine and will grow each year until it reaches the ground. Not only does the dense fur cover the body of this breed, but it will nearly cover its eyes as well.

Bergamasco Dog

Also Known As

  • Bergamasco Shepherd Dog
  • Bergermaschi
  • Cane da pastore Bergamasco


The Bergamasco is a breed that is courageous and intelligent. Because these dogs often had to spend extensive amounts of time watching sheep in solitude, they had to be able to solve a number of various problems. Doing this for hundreds of years has allowed this dog to gain exceptional levels of intelligence. These dogs were bred not to be aggressive, and are peaceful. The Bergamasco will not be a pet to those that own it, but will be a friend instead. These dogs are independent, and will never view their owners as being their masters. While this breed is naturally peaceful, they make good watchdogs and will protect their families. They don’t care for strangers and are excellent family dogs.

Health Problems

The Bergamasco is a healthy breed that has no specific health problems. They have a maximum life expectancy of 15 years.


The Bergamasco is an independent dog that enjoys being outside. Because of this, it can exercise itself without the assistance of its owner. However, it loves playing with children and will be happy to go on long walks.

Special Grooming Needs

Despite the elaborate coat that these dogs have, they don’t need much care. Owners will want to make sure their coats are brushed on combed, and they may also need to be bathed when it is needed.