Akita Inu dog Pictures and Information

The Akita Inu Dog is a large breed similar to the Japanese spitz dog breeds. They are a very noticeable breed with strong, muscular bodies and small, sour ears.



A few words about the breed, breeding, and character of AKITA INU dogs or how many people prefer Japanese Akita.
So on quickly.

• Perfect, alert, and quiet guardian.
• Distrustful of strangers.
• Absolutely faithful to its owner.
• Intelligent.
• Eager to learn, although if he gets bored with science, he will not let it go.
• Excellent in sledding and hunting.

• Consistency in upbringing.
• A properly established hierarchy in the herd.
• Socialization with people and dogs.
• Strong bond with the owner.


AKITA INU is a breed of Japanese hunting spitz, originally intended for hunting large game - deer, wild boar, and black bear and for pulling heavy loads in sleds. AKITY existed in the Japanese Islands 5000 years ago and accompanied samurai. They occupy a permanent place in Japanese culture and mythology. In Japanese literature, AKITA is an old and native race, with the possession that was associated with certain beliefs. These dogs enjoyed great esteem and were of great value.

The story of Hachikō is very well known.

The Akita dog called Hachikō was brought to Tokyo in 1934 by its owner, a professor at the Faculty of Agriculture of the University of Tokyo. Hachikō escorted his master every day as he left for work and waited for him in the evening at a nearby station. In May 1925 Ueno died suddenly in the workplace. Hachikō was still waiting for him at the station every day, appearing there before the evening train arrived for the next 10 years. Thanks to the devotion Hachikō showed his deceased master, he was nicknamed "faithful dog". Appreciating faithfulness, loyalty, and devotion of the dog, the residents of Tokyo built his monument next to the station. In Japan, he is known as chachken Hachikō (忠 犬 ハ チ 公, or the faithful dog Hachikō).

Hachiko Akita Inu Hatchico

Akita Inu dog


AKITA INU is a calm and strong dog resistant to harsh weather conditions, it is also a reliable, quiet, alert watchman and protector of his family. He lives in perfect harmony with his familiar animals, with whom he often shares his home space, although AKITA may not be tolerant of other foreign animals. AKITY, as hunting dogs, are known for stubbornness and persistence in combat, as well as for hunting passion. On a daily basis, Akitas are not overly active and are suitable for a family leading a sedentary lifestyle, they are great for breeding in a block of flats, although they feel better in the garden. Some Akitas are talking! They can grunt, moan and mumble, entertaining everybody. Most AKIT INU like to carry things in their mouths! They can also grab your hand to lead you to a cupboard with treats, or invite you for a walk. This is not an aggressive act, but a sign of attachment.

You can ask the dog to do the work: let the dog bring the newspaper or mail, but from the door at home and not from outside, because in this case, he can bring the postman in his teeth. Arranged AKITA, i.e. one that the owner will devote some time to and not just let out of the cage at night in contact with friendly children is gentle and patient, but not brought up with children will not always be tolerant of small children and should never be left alone with a child until you are sure you have a dog that tolerates all children. Often, brought up with children will tolerate children in the household, but may not accept children from the neighborhood. Some children are allowed to treat animals unceremoniously, which often leads to animal cruelty. Such children should be kept away from AKITY, whose size and hunting instincts can put in danger. The generally accepted rule is that you should not leave both AKITY and any other large dog alone with children under 12 years old.

AKITY bathed in shampoos, combed out, with raised fur, prepared for shows, please the eye of their owners look like this

akita inu akita race

but I think they definitely prefer to have fun and look like this

Akita Inu in action

AKITY INU discipline and training

Akita with good temperament tolerates discipline well - not beating, but a well understood discipline. A good shake at the back of the neck is a good way to discipline AKITY. Often, a firm verbal order will also provide a good stimulus. AKITY are very intelligent dogs
, they quickly absorb training but are very stubborn and when the dog thinks that it's a waste of time again, "sit down" - "down", it will just go away! Obedience training requires special patience! AKITY are very intelligent dogs, sometimes more intelligent than their owners, who can not cope with their nerves and aggression and such behavior means that AKITA INU is not a dog breed for such a man. AKITY, unlike humans, do not have the same memory .. Do not punish your dog an hour after the incident - the dog will not finish