Finnish Spitz Dog Pictures and Information

The Finnish Spitz is a small to medium breed of dog. They stand between 15 and 20 inches and weigh between 31 to 35 pounds.


Finnish Spitz Dog Description

The Finnish Spitz looks a lot like a fox due to the fact that they have pointed muzzles, perked ears, and red coats, like a fox. Their noses and lips are black and their eyes are dark and almond-shaped. Their erect, pointed ears open towards the front of the head and are always alert and listening. Their feet are round and cat-like. Their coats consist of thick, erect, medium-length hair with a thick under-layer of straight hair. The color may be red-brown, or a yellowish-red. Small white markings on the chest, face, or stomach are common in the breed.

The Finnish Spitz was brought from the Volga River area of Central Russia to what is now Finland by hunting tribes about 2000 years ago. The national dog of Finland, the Finnish Spitz is even mentioned in several Finnish patriotic songs. The breed is now widely known throughout the Scandinavian countries. It was first recognized as a breed in 1987.

Finnish Spitz Dog

Also Known As

  • Finsk Spets
  • Suomenpystykorva


The Finnish Spitz is brave, friendly, lively and alert. A playful rascal, it enjoys and demands affection and attention. Patience is required for obedience training. They are very protective. It is a breed aware of its place in the dominance hierarchy, and some males can try to be domineering and tend to be fairly dog aggressive. They are reserved and even somewhat aloof with strangers, but generally good with other pets. This breed is lively and curious, though not hyper-active. They are loyal to their own families but do not take well to orders. The Finnish Spitz is a dog that requires much patience and understanding. Finnish Spitz is known to be very frequent barkers.

Health Problems

The Finnish Spitz is a healthy breed. They are not known to, but still can be, prone to hip dysplasia and PRA.


The Finnish Spitz needs a good deal of exercise. It is an excellent jogging companion. The Finnish Spitz will do okay in an apartment and without a yard provided it gets enough exercise. It is relatively inactive indoors and prefers cool climates.

Special Grooming needs

The Finnish Spitz breed requires little grooming. Their coats are self-cleaning. This breed does shed heavily so extra care such as daily brushing may be necessary during these periods.