Finnish Lapphund Dog Pictures and Information

Finnish Lapphunds are a member of the Spitz family. They are slightly smaller than medium in size.


Finnish Lapphund Description

Their coat can be any color, often it consists of many different shades of browns and black. One-color is always dominant. Their hair is thick, long, straight, and harsh. The coat tends to be shorter on the head and on the front of their legs. Their tail is hooked, or curled, and is raised high. Their ears sit very far apart and are triangular. The general bone structure of the Finnish Lapphund is strong and powerful.

The breed’s exact origin is unknown. However, it is widely accepted that the first of the breed came into existence circa 7000 BC. At this time the breed was used to assist the people of Lapland with hunting. The breed was also used as a guard dog. In the 16th and 17th century the breed was most commonly used to herd reindeer. After several name changes and debates, the breed standards were named in 1945. Today the breed still maintains its popularity in Finland, though it is considered rare everywhere else. The breed now is best suited as a companion dog.

Finnish Lapphunds

Also Known As

  • Lapinkoira
  • Suomenlapinkoira


Finnish Lapphunds are a very calm and intelligent breed. They have an intense will to please their owner which makes them ideal for training. Their general nature is very friendly. They are a faithful breed that will go to courageous lengths to protect their owners. They are not an aggressive breed. Their gentle and loving nature makes them a great companion for households with children of all ages.

Health Problems

The Finnish Lapphund is a very healthy breed overall. There are some problems the breed is prone to. The most common is hip dysplasia. The disease is not apparent in birth and can cause immobility if not treated. The breed is also prone to many different eye problems. Some of these problems can be diagnosed in puppies, some as early as eight weeks. The most common eye problem associated with the breed is Progressive Retinal Atrophy or PRA, this disorder will eventually cause blindness. The breed is often afflicted with cataracts as well.


Finnish Lapphunds are an energetic breed but this does not translate into a hyper, or overactive, breed. It is necessary for your Finnish Lapphund to have room to run and play but they will not act out in aggressive or disobedient ways if they become bored. Often times Finnish Lapphunds will find ways to entertain themselves. Finnish Lapphunds do well in social situations and enjoy playing with other dogs, but they do not require it.

Special Grooming

Finnish Lapphunds do not require much grooming. Their coat is harsh and does not tend to mat. The breed is not prone to shedding. Groomers recommend brushing your Finnish Lapphund once every two weeks for twenty to thirty minutes.