Caucasian Ovcharka Dog Pictures and Information

The Caucasian Ovcharka is a large dog breed that has dark eyes. The ears will be covered by fur, and the tail will be covered as well.


Caucasian Ovcharka Description

The Caucasian Ovcharka is a large dog breed that has dark eyes. The ears will be covered by fur, and the tail will be covered as well. It has massive paws, and fur will be present on the toes. These dogs have nostrils that are well defined, and the nose should be black in color.

The coat is thick and is designed to protect the Caucasian Ovcharka in weather that is extremely cold. The acceptable coat colors for this breed are brindle, fawn, tan, pied, or white. While cropping the ears of these dogs is not required, it is commonly done in the Caucasus, the region from which it originated.

Caucasian Ovcharka

Also Known As

  • Caucasian Mountain Dog
  • Caucasian Sheepdog
  • Kavkaski Ovcar
  • Kavkaz Dog
  • Kavkaz Mastiff
  • Kavkaz Volkodav
  • Kavkazskaïa Ovcharka
  • Ovcharka (Owtcharka)
  • Sage Ghafghazi
  • Volkodav


The Caucasian Ovcharka was bred to protect cattle. These dogs are well known for both their strength and courage. However, they can be stubborn. If they are not trained properly, they can become overly aggressive. This breed is alert and is wary around people they are not familiar with. They are quick to defend their owners or property. While these dogs can be good for families if they are properly trained, they can play too roughly with children. This breed is known for displaying dominance towards unfamiliar dogs. The Caucasian Ovcharka is commonly used as a guard dog, but it should only be purchased by experienced trainers.

Health Problems

There are no known health problems that are specific to the Caucasian Ovcharka. Any diseases it may develop are common to all dog breeds. These dogs will have a maximum life expectancy of 11 years.


These dogs have large amounts of energy, and they should only be purchased by owners who have the time and space to give them the exercise they need. If it is placed in a sizeable yard, it can exercise itself without the assistance of its owner. These dogs were not bred to live in small spaces, and are not good for apartment dwellers. They must be placed in a large yard that they can move around in. It has a strong coat that can allow it to live outside during the winter months.

Special Grooming Needs

The Caucasian Ovcharka will have one of two coat types, and these are long or short. If the coat is long, owners will need to spend a lot of time grooming it. If the coat is short, owners will not need to spend lots of time maintaining it. Any tangles that appear should be removed, and the coat should be brushed or combed.