21 Plus Best toy dog breeds

A typical toy dog breed weighs less than 22 pounds. There are some exceptions like the pug, which can weigh between 24 and 35 pounds.


The group of toy dog breeds contains a wide array of different types of dogs. Not all dog registries include a separate group for this category, but many American, European and Australian organizations incorporate toy dogs.

Some breeders refer to these animals as companion dogs because they do not like the connotation of the word “toy.”

There is a lot of diversity in this group, and some of the different types include Chihuahua, spaniels, terriers, and pinschers.

Some breeds are naturally small, but others have been bred down in size for specific reasons. The main qualifier for being included in the toy group is size.

Purposes and Functions

In the past, these pets were desirable for various reasons.

Many of these small breeds were ideal for hunting vermin and other small prey.

Members of nobility owned toy dogs as a symbol for their economical and social status.

A large majority of small breeds make excellent watchdogs due to their alert senses and territorial nature.

Toy breeds will endlessly bark or growl at strangers when they enter the dog’s property.

In current times, many people acquire small dogs because their tiny size makes them easier to manage.

Even if the dog is difficult to train, it is easy to control a 20-pound animal. Other owners enjoy cuddling with their toy dog as it sits on their lap in front of the television.

After a long day of activity, these dogs always enjoy relaxing with their owners.

Diversity of the toy dog Breeds

Because there are so many different types of toy dog breeds, pet owners have a lot of options when choosing the right dog.

All toy dogs are well suited for apartment life, but it is still a good idea to take them on daily walks.

Some breeds are obedient and easy to train while others require more patience and work.

There are light, medium and heavy shedders, so the owners should choose a pet based on the amount of time they have for grooming and vacuuming.

Those with allergies often choose toy dogs because they typically produce less dander.

While toy dog breeds can be territorial, they are completely loyal and loving pets toward their families.

Toy dog breeds list


poodleToy Fox Terrier Affenpinscher
 Toy Poodle Toy Fox Terrier  Affenpinscher


PugPomeranianChinese Crested
 Pug Pomeranian Chinese Crested


Brussels GriffonShih-TzuJapanese Chin
 Brussels Griffon Shih-Tzu Japanese Chin


PapillonToy Manchester TerrierBichon Frise
 Papillon Toy Manchester Terrier Bichon Frise


MalteseMiniature PinscherItalian Greyhound
 Maltese Miniature Pinscher Italian Greyhound


Australian Silky TerrierPekingeseMaltese
 Australian Silky Terrier Pekingese Maltese2


Yorkshire TerrierCavalier King Charles SpanielHavanese
 Yorkshire Terrier Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Havanese