Plum headed parakeet facts

The purple-headed parrot (Psittacula cyanocephala) is a beautiful parrot belonging to the Psittacula genus and the Psittacidae family. This parrot is found only in the subcontinent.


In Pakistan, it is also found partially in the forests. In purple-headed parrots, males' heads are purple while females have gray heads.

Plum Head Parakeet that wants a wonderful home

Plum-headed parakeet Features

Except for the purple head parrot head, all the body is green. The head of the males is purple while the females have a gray head. A maroon scarlet is also found on their wings. From head to tail they can be up to 33 centimeters long.

Where is found?

The purple head parrot likes to live in the woods. In addition, it can be seen in the gardens in the cities. It is found from the foothills of the Himalayas to the south of Sri Lanka. They are also known as pet birds. Parrots released from cages have established their populations in New York, Florida, and some parts of the Middle East.

Behavior and Production

Purple-headed parrots live in groups and make a lot of noise. They eat seeds, fruits and flowers passionately.

Its breeding season in India and Pakistan is from December to April, though in Sri Lanka it bakes in July and August. They nest in the hollow trunks and holes of the trees. Females give 4 to 6 white eggs. Only females sit on eggs and feed only babies on females. They sit at night on a tree in the form of a group.

Pet birds

Purple-headed parrots are also domesticated for domestic birds and commercial purposes. It can also transmit some human sounds. People often catch wild parrots for rearing in cages, which has greatly reduced their population. In Pakistan, like the Katta parrots and the secondary parrots, their population is declining rapidly.